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Every year, we look forward to recognizing members of our CTS driving team for upholding one of our greatest values – Safety. It is a privilege to honor these drivers for their commitment to the company, their families, and especially those they share the roadways with, in maintaining the highest standard of safe driving. In the year 2020, CTS was involved in only five (5) Department of Transportation (DOT) recordable accidents, down over 50% from previous years and an almost unnoticeable fraction of the 1,513 total recordable trucking accidents in Wisconsin in 2020.  It is a true testament to our fleet and the job they have done this year! 

To be eligible for a Safety Award for the given year, individuals must not have any preventable accidents or incidents totaling over $500 in damages. 

With highest praise, we present our CTS Safe drivers for 2020:


CDL Drivers

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