Regional Transportation & Logistics Services

Whether you’re looking for regional or dedicated service to transport your paper and packaging supplies in the Midwest, CTS should be your top choice. Because we place such a high priority on truck driver satisfaction, you – the customer – reap the benefits. Our low turnover rate leads to extraordinary service levels, and we know that’s something you can get behind.

Our services include design, implementation and execution of strategic end-to-end transportation solutions.

Regional and Short-haul Truckload

The nuts and bolts of our business is providing regional, same-day, on-time, intact and on-budget delivery in the Midwest. With multiple terminals and the best team in the business, you can be sure we have the capacity you need and the service you deserve.

Dedicated Truckload Transportation

With all the benefits of a private fleet – like guaranteed capacity, distributed trailer pools and quality assurance – we relieve our customers of the cost, risk, liability and headaches of load planning, scheduling, and managing drivers and equipment.

Trailer Spotting and Yard Management

With our tech-smart fleet of yard tractors and single-axle tractors, we can organize your yard, swap loaded and empty trailers at the dock, and shuttle trailers between the plant and warehouses.

Private Fleet Outsourcing

We provide the drivers, dispatchers, maintenance, fueling and management, along with any equipment required. In turn, you get the best possible load planning and routing, which will help you cut costs and improve service.

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