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A good truck driver will humbly strive to learn something new every day. It is the key to advancement, in any field. As you drive the highways, you can take pride in your skills as a professional driver. But the road doesn’t have to end there. CTS is always looking for drivers to take on the role of trainers and/or mentors.  

Being a trainer is synonymous with being a people-person. It is about getting to know the newly hired driver who is looking to make CTS their home. Each day is full of opportunities, from showing good pre-trip techniques, to watching your new driver do the routes you already know all too well. The instruction and advice you give will enhance the new driver’s confidence with every turn, and with every backing into a dock at a customer. Along the way, as a trainer, you will acquire new skills and master age-old techniques.

Some drivers love the road and remain in that career until they retire, which is admirable. But for those who want a little something else, there are other opportunities at CTS. Whether it looks like becoming a trainer/mentor or moving into an office position at CTS, anything is possible.

CTS held a training for trainers/mentors near the end of 2020 – congratulations to our most recent class of drivers taking on a new and meaningful responsibility!

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