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Warehouse Services Inc. purchased CTS in September of 2013, thus allowing CTS to provide additional offerings to its new and existing customers. Warehouse Services Inc. provides custom solutions for the most complex supply chains using innovation and advanced equipment that provides flexibility to their clients’ business needs. Offering an array of value-added services to help clients provide outstanding services to their customers, WSI brings it all to the table including packaging, blending, kitting, repackaging, labeling, product customization, and inspection.

Warehouse Services Inc. understands the importance of having the right product, at the right place, at the right time and provides clients with customized warehouse services to meet their unique needs. The company operates distribution centers throughout North America offering Warehousing, Distribution, and Fulfillment services. At these facilities, they provide a wide array of distribution and fulfillment services.


The WSI warehouse services firm provides custom integrated transportation solutions. They specialize in dedicated solutions that provide a higher level of service than can be found on the retail marketplace. Whether it is rail, ocean, over-the-road, dry bulk, spotting or hazmat, our team is ready to work with your organization to build a reliable solution.


Warehouse Services Inc. provides light manufacturing services to clients. These services enable their clients to market products without the costs associated with purchasing raw materials or holding finished goods inventory. In addition, by combining manufacturing operations within the distribution center, clients eliminate the costs associated with positioning their product in the marketplace.


The WSI team specializes in providing clients with full visibility to their supply chain. Through integration with clients’ ERPs, they deploy the following technologies to support their distribution networks.

  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Transportation Management Systems
  • Transportation Operations Management
  • Freight Tendering
  • Website Reporting
  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • RFID

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