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Parking: An Issue in the Industry, but NOT at CTS

If you have ever been an over the road driver, we are certain the mention of this one dreaded word would get your blood pumping and anxieties bubbling to the surface. PARKING. There’s never a guarantee when you reach the next truck stop exit that you’ll have a place to park and relax while you are on your break, and that’s enough to stress anyone out.  According to a recent study done by the American Transportation Research Institute, in America, there is 1 spot for every 13 trucks out on the roads. In a similar study they published in 2021, they say drivers will often park earlier to ensure they find safe parking prior to running out of hours-of-service.  The lost wages associated with early exit from revenue trips averages over $4,600 annually per driver.


We are not disregarding that this is a serious issue plaguing our industry. However, at CTS, it is NEVER something our drivers have to be concerned about. Being home daily allows every driver to know exactly where they will park the truck, and lay their head at night. Not only do we boast a great home-daily schedule, there are some indirect perks that come along with that.

  • Saving money on meals - being home every day means the opportunity to have home cooked meals much more often.
  • Our drivers have a full weekend off – with the exception of 1 weekend day a month, our drivers get home on Friday and don’t have to report until Monday.
  • Our 8:1 truck-trailer ratio – this saves drivers 2-4 hours of waiting per day, with a high percentage of drop and hook business.

We think this is more than enough of a reason to join our driving team. Find any one of those green buttons and APPLY TODAY!