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CTS Announces Largest Driver Pay Increase in Company History

CTS made some waves, and good ones at that, announcing the largest driver pay increase in company history that took effect just a month ago. This is the 2nd driver pay increase of 2022. CTS has for the past 10 years beaten the industry average nationwide while at the same time offering home daily and more time off on the weekends than competitors. In recognition of the impact of inflation on employees, they implemented this second driver increase so driving team members are bringing home more in these challenging times. Some of the highlights of the new increase are listed below:


  • Holiday pay to go from $125 per day to $250 per day
  • Vacation pay will be paid out to everyone at $250 per day and for hourly drivers it will be paid at the hourly base rate
  • Guaranteed pay to take place immediately with no waiting period.  Guarantee pay will be computed at $250 times the number of days worked in a pay period, including weekends and CTS will ensure gross pay that paycheck exceeds the pay period minimum. 
  • Increasing mileage base pay rate by $.03 per mile 
  • All hourly drivers will receive a $3 per hour increase
  • This increase alone represents roughly a 12% pay increase for drivers, an estimated $500,000 (1/2 a million) in annual expense to CTS


CTS wants to show that they value drivers and the work they do that makes CTS successful, and will continue to invest in their most important asset, employees. You can make good money working for CTS and get plenty of time at home. You will get home every week day, as well as Friday night until Monday morning. We do ask you to work one weekend day per month. Most carriers will give you one day at home for every week you are over the road.  Join us to make good money and get home.