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There usually comes a time in every career where one might ask, “How am I really doing at my job?” Or like some, thrive on a good challenge and the desire to see how they stack up against other industry professionals. After what has been over a year-long hiatus from the Truck Driving Championships, we are happy to announce that they are back…with a twist! 

This year, the Battle of the States will be held beginning on July 31st. It will be in the form of a trucking knowledge test that can be taken on a phone or laptop. The top 10 from Wisconsin will advance to the Nationals and compete against the other states. CTS hopes to have a solid showing from within – we know the aptitude and skills are plentiful in our fleet – and past years can prove it. 

CTS has had some monster successes with the Wisconsin Truck Driving Championships – with a CTS driver advancing to the National Championships twice in recent years, first Paul Mastalir in 2017 and then Charles Cappelle in 2019. Our three drivers representing CTS in 2019 also earned the Overall Team Championship as their scores were the highest among teams across all seven class divisions. Let’s see if we can return to the spotlight. 


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