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Road Check 2015 just completed and we finished in good shape. We had only 1 inspection and no vehicle or HOS violations. It was nice to see drivers pre-tripping equipment and reporting equipment defects to the shop.

2015 Truck Driver Road Check

There is a new eDVIR form (equipment reporting form) in PeopleNet to use. The best way to use it is to:

  • Access it through Duty Status.
  • Pick the On-Duty Inspect icon (bottom toward the right).
  • Confirm you want to do that by pressing OK
  • The Inspection Page should come up wanting you to pick either New or Existing. Do not pick anything at this point. Go ahead and inspect your equipment.
    • After inspecting the equipment, if you have a defect to report, then press on the New icon button.
    • After inspecting the equipment, if you have NO defects, simply press the Home Button icon. (The DOT no longer requires a driver to send in a message when there are no defects to report)
  • If you continue to complete a new eDVIR then you will have options on what type of inspect you are doing. Press either Pre Inter Post or DOT
  • Compete all colored required fields and press Done

I received a great safety tip from Dan A. ~ when passing other vehicles; make sure you can see their passenger headlight before coming back over in front of them. That should leave you with enough room to safely get over.

Work Safe…Be Safe

2015 CTS Transportation Road Check

CDL Drivers

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