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It’s not every day that you get a big basket of household products to take home. But when you are Todd D. and you are awarded P&G Driver of the Year, that’s the type of treatment you get! P&G held their annual summit in October, and Todd was announced as the winner of this prestigious award.

It’s no wonder he took the prize with this list of statistics:

  • 99.7% P&G On-Time Delivery
  • 293 P&G Shipments
  • 0 DOT Accidents, CSA or Moving Violations
  • 72,812 Miles Driven to Support P&G

Todd has been driving professionally for 6 years, and all are with CTS. Throughout this time, he has put on 659,048 miles and counting.  

CTS was not only represented once, but three times, as two other professional drivers, Dennis B. and Bernie B., on the CTS team were honored as nominees for the award. In a statement by CTS President, Curt Reitz:

“We at CTS were very proud to have 3 drivers qualify for drivers of the year for P&G. Only 19 drivers throughout the country were nominated and we had 3. We are very proud of Bernie, Dennis and Todd for this achievement. We are especially proud of Todd for being one of only 5 drivers to receive the P&G National Driver of the Year award. Congrats to all of our drivers who prove everyday that we are CTS Strong in what we deliver for both our customers and our employees.”

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