Road Check Completed

Posted June 4, 2015

Road Check 2015 just completed and we finished in good shape. We had only 1 inspection and no vehicle or HOS violations. It was nice to see drivers pre-tripping equipment and reporting equipment defects to the shop.

2015 Truck Driver Road Check

There is a new eDVIR form (equipment reporting form) in PeopleNet to use. The best way to use it is to:

  • Access it through Duty Status.
  • Pick the On-Duty Inspect icon (bottom toward the right).
  • Confirm you want to do that by pressing OK
  • The Inspection Page should come up wanting you to pick either New or Existing. Do not pick anything at this point. Go ahead and inspect your equipment.
    • After inspecting the equipment, if you have a defect to report, then press on the New icon button.
    • After inspecting the equipment, if you have NO defects, simply press the Home Button icon. (The DOT no longer requires a driver to send in a message when there are no defects to report)
  • If you continue to complete a new eDVIR then you will have options on what type of inspect you are doing. Press either Pre Inter Post or DOT
  • Compete all colored required fields and press Done

I received a great safety tip from Dan A. ~ when passing other vehicles; make sure you can see their passenger headlight before coming back over in front of them. That should leave you with enough room to safely get over.

Work Safeā€¦Be Safe

2015 CTS Transportation Road Check

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