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Be Home Daily and Earn $190k per year

At CTS we just made a change that works out to be a 6% increase in earnings for Owner Operators who contract with us!   Effective September 30, 2018*, each contractor will receive $1.00 per mile (on both empty and loaded miles) plus 5¢ per mile if their current quarterly mileage is 33,000 or more. On top of that, if they have no coachable events with their DriveCam for the 3rd quarter they will earn an extra 1¢ per mile.  The average earnings of an owner operator who contracts with CTS in 2018 is projected to be $190,000+ due to this recent settlement increase and incentive program.

You already know that maximizing your miles per gallon (MPG) is key in truck ownership. CTS helps with the high cost of fuel in two ways:

  • We pay a fuel surcharge on ALL dispatched miles, not just the loaded ones
  • We have a great fuel program that saves the average owner operator over $9,000 a year

CTS also offers owner operators other benefits, including:

  • Low-cost maintenance through our shop in Green Bay at $54/hour
  • No-cost I-Pass
  • Almost no sitting and waiting for freight once you are empty
  • A referral program where the driver earns up to $1,000 for each referral hired
  • Company picnics & Tailgates
  • Holiday party

Further details of the incentive program:

*Effective September 30, 2018, each contractor will start receiving $1.00 per mile on all dispatched miles. We will look to see how many dispatched miles the contractor completed from July-September, and if that was over 33,000 miles, they will earn another 5¢ per mile on all the dispatched miles they complete from October-December. Also, if the contractor had no coachable event for the last quarter (July-Sept) they will earn an extra 1¢ per mile on all their dispatched miles for the following quarter (Oct-Dec).

The incentive program will replace the current Performance Pay Program where a contractor accumulated points in the 4 areas. Similar to that program, CTS will look at the dispatched miles that each contractor worked in a quarter and the DriveCam for that same quarter and adjust their settlement earnings, for any earned mileage increase, on the following quarter’s miles.

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