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Posted June 9, 2019

Short of winning the lottery and moving to a remote island, there’s no good way to escape the daily grind of work and home life. As a professional truck driver, your daily grind can be even more grueling than most. And when you add in rail yard stops, it becomes even more stressful.

At Contract Transport Services, our goal is to make your job runs as smoothly as possible. That’s why when you join our team of respected, recognized drivers, you won’t be making any trips to the hectic Chicago rail yards. Ever!

We’re a home daily carrier based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and all of our drivers are home after each shift. The only drivers at CTS who are out overnight are the ones who want to be. Securing a coveted home daily CDL driving job often means you might get home at the end of your shift, but you spend your days stressed out while dealing with delays, yard congestion, overweight containers, and blown tires.

“I did it for a while so I could see my own home and family, but driving intermodal is a whole other headache,” said one poster on TheTruckersReport.com.

And CTS is a whole other kind of home daily carrier. Our drivers run predictable routes through the Upper Midwest — Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan. They work a variety of shift types: home daily, home nightly, slip seat, 4 on 4 off, and road fleet.

Our driver-first mentality and vision means we go out of our way to recognize people who do the right things. We’re the career partner that combines all the perks you’re looking for, like great pay and benefits, respect, and recognition for your successes. When you drive for CTS, you’ll feel appreciated and understood. And you’ll NEVER spend your days in a backed up rail yard.

We know that if there’s one thing most truck drivers can agree on, it’s that driving intermodal is often more of a headache than it’s worth. Intermodal transport is often a DOT magnet, and logistical challenges often include:

● Inexperienced drivers and carriers that cause delays

● Congestion

● Chassis capacity shortfalls

● Gate-processing delays

● Long queue times

● Truck arrival times are greater than short-term gate capacity

● Dispatch and booking errors

● Gate closure for breaks

● Congestion in container terminals

● Empty chassis placed in wrong area

So if you’re considering an intermodal driving job just so you can be home daily, try taking CTS for a spin instead. Click here to apply today!

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