CTS Announces Driver Pay Increase

Posted April 27, 2018

“I come from a family of truck drivers, including my father, and I realize truck drivers are the backbone of the US economy. Our everyday life simply could not function without the work of professional truck drivers. However, drivers across the country have gone too long without enough compensation to live a comfortable life. At CTS we’ve been working hard to change that,” explains CTS President, Curt Reitz.

And ‘change’ is exactly what we’ve done.

We are pleased to announce our new pay scale that rewards CTS drivers with even higher earnings while still being home after every shift. This pay increase sets our drivers apart from others within the industry, with a 2017 average driver pay of $57,000, our drivers were already paid higher than the industry average.

Now with our new pay scale, we expect our drivers to hit $60,000 in 2018.

We can do this by increasing our mileage rate, paying zip to zip, and implementing an increase to our pay for performance program. We want to eliminate financial stress for our drivers, which is why we have a guaranteed pay program. We look to ensure that you won’t struggle to pay your bills or provide for your family, even on your slowest week. It doesn’t stop there either. Our health insurance benefits are unlike that of most trucking companies. We also provide a 401k program with a guaranteed 3% company contribution regardless if drivers participate or not, plus a profit sharing program. We’re doing everything we can to set our drivers up for financial success and security. This is all part about what it means to be CTS strong.

Why wait any longer before joining a team that adds this much value to you and the work you do? Don’t spend any more time away from your loved ones while making a middle-of-the-road paycheck. Apply today at https://www.ctsgb.com/drive/apply-now/ or call our recruiter, Tammy, at (920) 227-1011.

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