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“I have been with CTS for a little over a year now and feel I could not have made a better choice of a company to work for. It truly feels like a family here. When I needed to take a leave of absence, not only was there a company policy that allowed me to do so, but I was checked up on and supported throughout the entire process. The benefits are stellar and the automatic 401k contribution is something I have never had available to me anywhere else. I feel appreciated and respected as a driver here, and I know no matter the issue there is always someone at the office to listen and provide a solution. There are countless examples I could continue to give, but to keep it somewhat short; CTS has earned my loyalty.”  

-Christina A.


“I have been employed at CTS for 6 months now and have had a great experience with this company. My income has more than doubled from what I was making as a forklift operator. I like the PFP incentive program, because you can be rewarded for the things that are basically expected of you anyways. The insurance is awesome and I am very thankful for that, seeing as I am married and have 4 children. CTS was also willing to help work around my wife’s work schedule when hours had changed. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is a truck driver.”

-Ryan V.


“My husband works here and they treat him very well. What I like is that they (from dispatch to the president) respect him and consider him a part of their family – he’s not just another driver. They also try to show appreciation for their drivers with the picnics, holiday parties, holiday hams, etc. I’ve never known a company to go so above and beyond for their drivers. I also like that the company does a lot for the community – through their volunteering and Adopt-A-Family programs and the things they do for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I’m really proud of my husband and the company he works for!”

-Chrissy G.

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